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Taking on a new language can be incredibly intimidating — new words, new alphabet, new everything, oh my! Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or just hoping to expand your skills, join me, Chika, for an adventure into the Japanese language with the help of multimedia, manga, anime and more.


Words from my students

  • “I learn so much from Chikako-san and our conversations. she is very patient, friendly and kind always with a smile to light up my day and help me improve my Japanese.”

    - From Kevin-san

  • “Another great lesson with Chikako. She is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever had on any subject. And, quite possibly, the nicest person I have ever met.”

    - From Steve-san

  • “Amazing lesson! Very structured, lots of focus on speaking. Chikako is a great teacher, very patient, making sure that the lessons are personalised. I'm very looking forward to next ones!”

    - From Magda-san


About Chikako

I know how it feels to learn a new language — I’m currently learning my 4th. That’s why I try to make learning Japanese as fun and interesting as possible. I love my language and I love sharing what I know from my culture and home country. If you enjoy your journey into Japanese, stay motivated, and make progress in your goals, I’ve more than done my job.

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